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Who: Husband and wife team, Alonzo Cartlidge & Sheila Turner Cartlidge with a team of professionals from Our Gang Travel


Background: Alonzo and Sheila have been in the business for 35 years, with an emphasis on group travel. Well respected and trusted among group leaders, the couple has created a niche in the market that has their clients booking trips and paying deposits BEFORE they even know where they are traveling to the next time. Alonzo and Sheila pride themselves on being family owned and operated and supportive of family brands, as a matter of fact - Alonzo and Sheila have become the brand.


Selling MSC Cruises: After hearing all the buzz about MSC Cruises – and in particular the MSC Yacht Club –  Alonzo and Sheila decided to give MSC a try. After realizing what a great experience and value the MSC Yacht Club is for today’s cruisers, they have booked more than 140 passengers on MSC Divina, Seaside and Meraviglia just in the Yacht Club. Previously, Our Gang introduced MSC to its signature package of private entertainment, parties, book discussions, and tours.  

Excited about the next generation of cruisers, Our Gang is always traveling on Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, where it has been one of the top sellers in the northeast for the past  twelve years. Serving the world from three locations: New York, New Jersey and Georgia, Our Gang travel has coined the logo " You haven't seen the World until we show it to you ", and their clients from all walks of life attest to it. 


Don't think Our Gang Travel is just about cruises. This company has made history on many  land vacation adventures, including trips to South Africa, the Middle East, Europe, Hawaii and Australia , as well as cruising.  Now, it's YOUR time to join one of the fastest growing minority owned travel agencies in the Northeast.

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